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A Pinpoint Target Shift. E. & J. Gallo’s prized Apothic Wine was launching a Cabernet and George and Saul was tapped for the launch.


The Challenge.
Launch Apothic Cabernet, the newest varietal from E. & J. Gallo’s popular Apothic Wine. Maintain the creative narrative and graduate the audience slightly.

A little older,
a little smoother.

Apothic Red typically caters to a younger drinker with its sweeter taste profile but Apothic Cabernet and its more sophisticated, dryer, earthier tones appealed to someone in their late-20s/early-30s.

The party stayed a party. But where Apothic Red is about the “potential”, Apothic Cabernet is about the “present”. Where Apothic Red is about “constant movement”, Apothic Cabernet is about “active relaxation”.

We then had to explore how this differentiated from its sister wine, Apothic Red, which is one of the most popular wines in the country and very smooth to the palate. With a Cabernet being one varietal and Red being a blend, there was argument to make that this was even smoother. To keep this within the Smooth family, Apothic Cabernet became Beyond Smooth.

This seemingly minor target shift altered the look and feel to the point where it became about relatable details rather than drastic scene changes. Arguably a more demanding challenge, the Smooth family, Apothic Cabernet became Beyond Smooth.

A Pandemic Film Shoot
Organizing a commercial shoot is complicated, doing it during the COVID pandemic was even more so. Following all precautions and abiding by all federal and local laws concerning distancing guidelines, we went forward with a one day shoot in Toronto, Canada.

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