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The Challenge. Barefoot Wine was anything to anyone. As a result its brand equity and sales were slipping across almost every SKU. How do we rebound?

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Whether we know it or not, we instantly link summer with cool, crisp, sweet, Barefoot Wine. So we focused our attention on a summer-first strategy and shifted most media dollars to that season.

We then narrowed down on our true user and what she felt in her life. Caught somewhere between adolescent joie-de-vivre and adult responsibilities, our drinker has a job but still does laundry at her parents house. She wakes up for work at 9am but is still partying until 2am. She is dealing with the hilarious stresses that befall this group of people: not sure if they’re adults or still kids.

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The Barefoot Wine drinker is not sure if they’re truly adults yet or still a University pledger.

We spun the term Let’s Get Barefoot to mean embracing that weird time in your life when adult things are still weirdly funny to you but being an irresponsible university student is getting harder to justify. We built an entire animated world, full of surreal cartoon characters that had real human adulting problems and instead of focusing on the wine, we built the wine into our funny, animated stories. It became a part of our world, just another character.

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As people related to these characters more, we started to become hyper-meta. we began reacting to viral moments in the twittersphere, to Instagram trends, and as a result, the wonderful Barefoot Wine World (BWW) went vacationing in the United Kingdom, Colombia, Peru, and Venezuela (who knew they spoke Spainsh!)

Barefoot Flower Illustration

Results. In its fourth season, the Barefoot Wine World has become key characters in Canadian summers. And every now and then you’ll see them walking, hopping, jumping, and slithering around some other countries.

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Eric Neal

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Emma Dallaire
Josh Stamler
Alejandro Webelman

Steven Bolt

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Wendy Poon