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The Challenge. Grow the PSAs VOD platform, SquashTV. The PSA took a gamble by building its own VOD software that would livestream all the major tournaments. But despite an excellent platform, few people were paying to join. We wanted to know why.


Less is more.

The PSA was loved by fans for posting lots of highlights and replays online, but this was diluting reasons to subscribe. After user research, we realized that people weren’t subscribing because they were getting similar content for free and SquashTV wasn’t seen as a resource for improving one’s game.

Through a process of sensitive culling of content, building a funnel to paid STV users through a lite offering, and an evolving database of coaching videos, we grew organic and paid followers substantially in our first year as a partner.

We needed to create fun, non-game content, passionate brand positioning videos, and form a partnership with SquashSkills, the preeminent Squash tutorial destination.

We needed oohlala
and oohrara.

Within 12 months, we increased subscribers to SquashTV by 28% and their Free STV Product by 40%.

In addition, a 30% increase in YouTube subs led to a partnership with Facebook and sizable investments from notable sports venture brands.


Creative Direction
Jesse Hornstein
Eric Neal
Steven Bolt

Art Direction
Eric Neal
Steven Bolt

Jesse Hornstein

Video Editing
Daniel Dahlberg
Steven Bolt
Emma Dallaire

Project Management
Wendy Poon
Peter Somerville