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GAS Ventures funds and acquires businesses by offering
compelling terms for growth and exits.

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How we view it.

After working with companies across distinct product categories, there are a few things we look for that help us signal we might be a good fit together. This way we can assess what’s best for the business and owner.


We look for products that solve modern problems or have novel appeal.


You know your customer like the back of your hand.

Full-Time Founder

We look for founders who are exclusively dedicated to their core venture.

Proven Sales History

The business should have at least a year of revenue under its belt.

How we invest.

Full or Partial Acquisition

We become a long-term equity partner.

Marketing Advance

We loan and run media and marketing services for a piece of revenue.

Simple, favorable terms.

Deal size ranging from $50K-$200K

Full or partial cash out

Optional founder exit

Operations typically stay as is

Clear investment plan

Who we’ve ventured with:


Handmade sculptural lighting, designed in Sweden.


Theatrical production based on the bestselling Japanese manga series.


Clinical-endorsed mood lighting leading the category on Amazon.


Tony-Nominated Broadway revival featuring Adam Driver Keri Russell.


A digital retail solution harnessing the power of social advocacy.


Broadway’s first marketplace for digital moments.

Send us an inquiry even if you don’t quite fit the mold. We’ll respond in a few days.

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